Retaining walls and bearing constructions

Retaining walls and bearing constructions

Retaining walls – an engineered structure that protects against falling or skid beyond the soil. Retaining walls – very common in engineering structures on roads and railways, roads and intersections, as well as civil works. They are also equipped with the construction of buildings on the slopes, underground structures, embankments, civil structures etc…

Retaining walls built when needed detained soil, the surface of which is steeper than the natural slope. This is a very high priority structures so it is very important for optimum performance and cost estimate soil retaining walls to withstand the pressure. It is important to provide support wall thickness reinforce, anchor requirements and installation locations.

Retaining walls usually are installed on a concrete wall concreting of bored piles, concrete wall same dredging the soil. Such retaining walls installation technology minimized earthwork points. In each case, retaining walls designed individually, taking into account future loads and soil properties.

BETONGRINDIS has certified and experienced specialist team that is able to design and install retaining walls, terraces and other elements according to your individual project requirements and a personal vision.

BETONGRINDIS is open for a discussion, consultation and giving you a professional advice that will bring you the desired results. Please give us a shout and we will provide you an offer based on your project requirements.
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BETONGRINDIS is located in Klaipėda region. We are constantly having projects in all major cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Marijampolė, Palanga, Riga, Tallinn and other. Our mobility and experience allows us to operate in all other cities of Lithuania and within all the regions of the Baltic states.


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