Floor concreting process

Concreting process

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Industrial floors, casting

Already prepared surface of the poured concrete is compacted and smoothed vibro rail for. Subsequently, the surface is rubbed on petrol spatula in and around the area of (approximately 36 m²) is machined joints in the concrete scroll on for a little while drying it shrinks. Concreting on an unstable base (eg, polystyrene foam, mineral wool), it is necessary to put a layer of concreted metal reinforcement network and concrete pouring at least 8 inches thick. In warm working conditions and drafts, concrete cures much faster than it should, so it is recommended to use the additive, which slows down the drying process.

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Expansion joints and expansion decisions

Preparing concrete floors to keep in mind settling stitches. These seams concrete surface divides so that he could sit down and avoid internal stresses caused cracks. Stitches depths ranging from 30 mm to ½ thick concrete, depending on the thickness of the floor and installation technologies. A well designed and equipped to structure each structural element of the “quiet” performs its function, but if at any stage of work was done in error, you may experience a lot of discomfort. One of the very important structural elements – expansion joints and temperature, absorbing and reducing the loads on the various floors, as well as reducing internal stresses in the floor construction.

Seam Types

Expansion joints allow construction volume change between the structural elements, eliminates stress and allows you to move each item individually and freely. Temperature (shrinkage) joint purpose – divide a large area structures to a less strained areas, thereby controlling and predicting a shortage of places.

Seam installation Importance

industrial flooring, compensating, deformation, temperature, seams, Betongrindis, Klaipeda, Lietuva

Compensation seams

Improperly installation of the seams of the static structure for a variety of loads resulting from crack and weaken. Through the cracks permeating moisture directly affects the metal structure parts, rust, fireplaces, weakens the strength of the design.
Seam installation Importance

Different types of structures equipped with expansion or expansion joint also differ in their specifics and requirements. Given the purpose of the floor and the building structure, the seams must be properly closed and secured. Choosing seam sealing materials is necessary to evaluate the seams running the same external factors, which they equipped with:

  • temperature change
  • UV radiation
  • precipitation (snow, rain)
  • structural movement due to various factors: the foundation settling, soil volume changes caused by wind, snow loads, structural material volume change
  • various other factors caused by vibration

If suggested a narrow less than 10 mm, one of the possible ways of protecting – sealing mastic. In the perspective of environment, which is suggested profiles ingredients and design selected to withstand this environment is characterized by the loads and effects.


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