Cast flooring

Installation of molded floors

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Casting floors

One of the most important decisions are made in the floor of suitable materials selection at the repair, or construction of any building. We would hope that the floor is beautiful, durable and easy to clean. Concrete industrial floor coating comparable in most cases do not meet the requirements of finishes. Floors – this is one of the main elements of the building. At the same time it is the most congested part of the building. They constantly have a very high load associated with the abrasive and mechanical abrasion, thermal, chemical and dynamical effects, etc.

Modern industrial floors must be resistant to the effects of these types of aesthetic appearance, easy to maintain, non-flammable, non-slippery, odorless, and with not too much strain on the building structure.

Irregularities should be repaired easily and quickly. The term “molding floor” represents only one of the polymeric stacking technology. Cast Flooring is the most commonly used construction term for industrial coatings made of polymeric materials based on epoxy, polyurethane, and other metilmetacril polymeric binders.

It is also often referred to as their drink floor self-leveling cement floor type. Unlike polymer coatings, self-leveling cement floors absent from the final layer, but is used to level the floor before the other coatings (mostly commercial linoleum, carpet) floor.

Cast floor are

  • Cast flooring – seamless, in some cases, it is one of the main purposes of the flooring conditions.
  • Cast floor space used, which meet high requirements for cleanliness as well as they are easy to handle.

Cast flooring can be used in offices, restaurants, showrooms, industry workshops. Cast flooring can be used in offices, restaurants, showrooms, industry workshops. Cast floor requirements may range from resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, shock, slip, temperature fluctuations.

  • You can lay different colored libations floor, smooth or rough surface of the dielectric or antistatic.
  • The self-leveling properties of the molding floor forms a maximum equal to the surface without seams, holes, cracks.
  • The coating is completely ready for operation within 5-7 days after the spillage.
  • If necessary, the cast floor is easily repaired and updated.
Floor leveling

Floor leveling – it is an important building operation. Flooring installation is an important task, performed the final construction and finishing phases. Smoothing is used in the preparation of the floor surface clean floor coverings.

Floor screed before the final finish (parquet, laminate, linoleum, sports surfacing) problem is a well-known (especially in high thickness of the floor, laying communications or low ceiling structures), because you need to get perfectly smooth surface, which is a certain strength characteristics and no cracks.


Unlike other floor coverings, floor molding has no joints. On the cast floor do not reproduce bacteria and micro-organisms, which is very important when choosing a coating for medical institutions and organizations involved in food production. Polymer floor is completely sealed, and wet cleaning of the floor foundation outside water, which reduces other types of coating life. Also, the floor molding is widely used in industrial premises, which are chemically active fluids, acid and alkali oil spill.

High chemical resistance

Modern building materials on the market there was a limited floor coverings that may be resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, petroleum products and other chemically active mixtures of content – it is acid-resistant tiles and epoxy molding floors. Epoxy floor molding is the optimal solution when it comes to the basis of the high chemical resistance. Compared to tiles, epoxy molding flooring costs less, is a seamless, flexible and allows you to quickly perform the work.


Cast polymer flooring is sufficiently high elasticity. They are covered with small (up to 1 mm) ground cracks, they can operate continuous vibration exposure mode (this is more to do with polyurethane, epoxy floor).

Also the molding floor can withstand severe thermal shocks, such as refrigeration chambers and manufacturing related to the boiling water drain or floor management using hot water.


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