Industrial flooring

Concrete cast and polymer flooring installation services

Industrial flooring, installation, renovation, reconstruction, parking, Betongrindis, Klaipeda, LithuaniaOur company working with modern, cutting-edge, American-produced machinery, according to the latest concrete technologies provide customers with only the highest category of services.
Good cooperation relationship with the high quality of equipment and materials suppliers means that we are several steps closer to the customers. We try to make closer look and learn more about the emerging world market for technological innovation, we offer them to customers to get their projects implemented are a step ahead than the currently under construction. Particular attention is given to increase the competitiveness of the market by improving our quality of work.

The main “Betongrindis” UAB action bar – industrial concrete floor. We work with modern and high-performance workstations served by trained operatives. This gives us the ability to easily and quickly perform all of the works in terms of quality of work, and at the same time to satisfy all customers’ needs.
Performing concreting we using supplements and additives for concrete, which significantly facilitates the work and improve the long-term properties of concrete and quality.

During the company’s existence emerged in good relations with suppliers of materials allows us to work in an organized and self, without any worries customer. For this we have acquired all the necessary flooring, concrete floating technique.


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