Floor renovation

Concrete floor renovation

Betoninės grindys, renovacija, grublėtumas, krantinės atnaujinimas, Betongrindis, Klaipėda, Lietuva

Concrete floor renovation

BETONGRINDIS successfully carries out its activities enabling deal the problems of old concrete floors and new concrete floor protecting chemically. This activity is carried out in the old concrete floor renovation and new concrete floor reinforcement, using a special chemical impregnation.

The company is expanding its operations. Our specialists are constantly interested in new technology, innovation follows. We are trying to understand and adapt their activities technological innovation, which implements worldwide market leaders in domestic and industrial floor coatings, component creation.

Additional services

  • Fine-grained (sand) concrete work
  • Polymer (epoxy) flooring installation
  • Self-leveling floor coverings for domestic premises

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