Concrete industrial floor

Pramoninių grindų betonavimas Verslo centre Vilniuje

Industrial floor concreting at the Business Center in Vilnius

Industrial floors are used in a wide variety of environments. Concrete industrial floors – ideal installation of various industries in the buildings. The flooring is resistant to major mechanical and dynamic loads. Concrete floors have a particularly good operating characteristics. They correspond to a relatively high by such requirements as resistance to mechanical and physical stress, stiffness, sanitary hygienic and economic conditions. Therefore, industrial flooring used in the construction and reconstruction of various objects. This pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, etc. Industrial floors are used in warehouses, factories, workshops and factories, transport stops, mechanical and instrument workshops, exhibitions and trade halls.

“Betongrindis” UAB install concrete flooring in various industrial and social, administrative, industrial and other applications. Industrial flooring installation is a very responsible job. Specialists of the company installs a high quality concrete floor. Concrete industrial floors can withstand very high loads, making it ideal for industrial buildings. Concrete floors equipped with recommended shops, warehouses, shopping centers, covering an area of large areas, car parking and car parks.

Installation of concrete floors, the focus flooring technological operations: a framework for installation, insulation, construction joints installation, reinforcement work, concrete mixture for laying and compaction, concrete curing monitoring during contraction – expansion joints installation. Before installing the facility concrete floors must be set based condition.

Industrial flooring installation

After the concrete surface drain and the upper layers of further treatment after 7-10 hours. place floor daubing. In first concrete surface rubbing mechanicaly with spatula metal plates, after eith puttying metal spatula wings. Concrete cruising the hardness and shape with metal or plastic combs form at the final surface structure surface smooth puttying. The surface finish is possible only when the outside temperature is not lower than +5 ° C, after which it must be maintained for at least 7 days.

Industrial floors with expansion joints. [IMAGE] Concrete curing is built and expansion joints 6x6mm. As long as the concrete does not gain the required strength and does not distribute its internal stress, seam sealed not earlier than 90 days natural circumstances for curing. After the installation of the concrete cover the first seven days of production process and is not prohibited, the coating must be protected from mechanical friction, heavy and ribs sharp building elements, structures, or equipment storage, i.e. overlay operation is not possible and is prohibited, the coating must be protected from drying out too quickly. Allowed only going to need people in non-intensive walking. No sooner than 10 days, and when the outside temperature not lower than 10 º C and is preserved for at least 7 days to surface impregnated with a chemical hardener Sealer Hard. It is the concrete surface to form chemical compounds to safeguard the surface from weathering, reduces fuel penetration into the concrete to harden the surface itself. During operation, these features are improving and after a few years to reach its maximum value.

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Gym floor with deformation seams, polished concrete

Industrial floors can be laid in the open air. Industrial floors meet high demands. This operation loads and conditions, substrate quality, which are laid in protective and decorative coatings. Modern industrial floor stand excellent chemical resistance, they have good mechanical properties. Industrial floors – and it is environmentally-friendly materials, you can choose from a wide range of colors, easy to clean and maintain.

Gymnasium floors polished concreteThe rooms, which are equipped with the floor to avoid microflora breeding. Industrial flooring is also excellent sound absorption. Modern industrial floors is very different from traditional materials, it meets the highest sanitary and hygienic requirements for modern production.

Industrial flooring is widely applied not only to industrial plants, garages, and storage complexes, but also the sports facilities, offices, medical and educational institutions, entertainment venues, etc.

Industrial floor benefits

Industrial Flooring has the following advantages: they are monolithic, durable, dust-free, with a high chemical resistance, resistance to wear and shock loads vibrational, non-flammable, and so on.

Resistance to shock loads and vibrational load of

Concrete industrial floors are resistant to heavy objects fall caused by shock loads, operating machine tools and other equipment vibration displacements engraves the floor pushed carts with rubber or plastic wheels. The most striking example – a modern printing house, where there is loads of all the above-mentioned types of industrial floor-successfully passed this test.

Floor cleaning machines option

Operation of any premises with any type of flooring, the question on the possibility of fast and high quality premises for cleaning machines. In this regard, concrete floors on its absolute smoothness (except polymer coating structures, which need to provide some roughness) is an ideal option when choosing the type of flooring.


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